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Name Title Email Research Interests
Cezard, Genevieve Postgraduate Student ethnicity and health inequalities, ageing, socio-economic status, spatial distribution, linkage studies using Scottish Census
Christison, Sarah Postgraduate Student
Cox, Dr Fiona Research Fellow Vulnerable populations, Disabilities, Methodology
Duffy, Paula Postgraduate Student The Social science of coasts, demographic and social analysis
Ernsten, Dr Annemarie Research Fellow Internal migration, family formation and social norms
Findlay, Prof Allan Professor Skilled international migration; student mobility; population and climate change; fluid life courses and residential mobility
Finney, Dr Nissa Reader Migration, Residential Mobility, Life-course, Ethnicity, Inequality
Fiori, Dr Francesca Research Fellow Spatial variation of fertility and family formation in Britain, Lowest-low fertility in Italy, Gender roles & demography, Labour market dynamics & demography, Lifestyles and health
Graham, Prof Elspeth  Professor Fertility in the UK, Social deprivation, Migration and geographies of health, Fertility and the family in Singapore, Female demographic deficit in South-East Asia
Huque, Sarah Postgraduate Student Global health, Disability, Inequalities and inequities, Novel and empowering research methodologies
Kulu, Prof Hill Professor   Fertility, migration, health, longitudinal analysis, demography, social statistics
Laurie, Prof Nina* Professor Development, international volunteering, trafficking, gender, indigeneity
Leahy, Dr Sharon * Senior Teaching Fellow Legal Geographies, Trafficking & Forced Migration, Geographies of Ethnicity, Critical Media Geographies
Marshall, Dr Alan  Lecturer Health inequalities, Population ageing, Neighbourhood, Cross-national comparisons, Longitudinal analysis, Population projections and small area estimation
McCollum, Dr David  Lecturer The welfare state, Labour market change, Labour migration
Mikolai, Dr Julia Research Fellow  Partnership dynamics; partnership histories; transition to first birth; life course research; multi-state (event history) models; European population; residential mobility
Nightingale, Dr Glenna  Research Fellow Biostatistics, Point process modelling, Social network analysis, Modelling mobility and life-course fluidity
Packwood, Helen Postgraduate Student Migration and mobility, Social inequality, Educational attainment, Ethnicity
Nicholson, Hebe Postgraduate Student Environmental migration and mobility, Environmental change, Governance, Inequality
Reid, Dr Benet* Research Fellow Medical volunteering. Discourse-analytic methods, different understandings of power, Emotion, Embodied practices, health and inequality.  Psychoanalysis and the limits of linguistic expression.
Remnant, Dr Jen* Research Fellow  Sociology, social policy, state welfare, health and inequality, employment, community and sport
Robins, Daniel Postgraduate Student international migration, ideology, globalisation, social class
Sabater, Dr Albert  Research Fellow Geographies of fertility, Family change, Health inequalities, Intergenerational transmission of health, Social deprivation, Migration (internal and international)
Saeed, Noor Postgraduate Student Social and spatial health inequalities, Spatial analysis, Individual level data, GIS and Health geography
Van Ham, Prof Maarten Professor Inequality, segregation, residential mobility and migration

*Associate members who are also active in other research groups within the School of Geography and Sustainable Development. See other research group websites here

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